The inaugural Nebraska Power Farming Show was held at the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2007. At that time, only 300 companies occupied 655 spaces in two buildings. Produced by the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association (INEDA), the show was modeled after INEDA’s successful Iowa Power Farming Show, now the named the Iowa Ag Expo, now in its 98th year.

The timing and location of the show is ideal. Held in December, it appeals to producers and exhibitors alike, with growers and ranchers taking advantage of year-end buying specials and exhibitors looking to sell. Conveniently located on the eastern edge of Lincoln, the show also offers easy access without the traffic and parking hassles typically found at urban shows.

In April, 2020 the show was renamed the Nebraska Ag Expo to better reflect the evolution of agriculture and the ag show. At one time, only ag equipment companies were allowed to exhibit at the Iowa show. Now the ‘PURE-AG’ show include the expansion of all ag-related products. Growers are hungry for knowledge and eager to adopt innovation and new technology and that is what they will find at this show. The name change is also show management’s commitment to provide the best attendee and exhibitor experience possible.

Today, the show is the 2nd largest indoor ag show in the United States and has nearly 760 exhibitors occupying 2200 spaces spanning 400,000 sq. ft. in five buildings. With more expansion plans in the works at the Lancaster Event Center, the future of the Nebraska Ag Expo looks brighter than ever.