Lincoln, NE — The Nebraska Ag Expo, renowned for its commitment to showcasing cutting-edge agricultural technology, proudly presents the Innovation Hub, an unparalleled showcase of the latest and most revolutionary ag technology in the industry. The Nebraska Ag Expo continues to lead the way in advancing agricultural innovation and empowering ag producers with state-of-the-art solutions.

Located in Pavilion 3 of the Lancaster Event Center, the Innovation Hub is a vibrant hub of technological excellence, boasting approximately 75 handpicked companies that have demonstrated exceptional innovation and ingenuity. The participating companies are carefully selected based on the novelty and transformative potential of their products, ensuring that visitors encounter only the best of the best.

“The Innovation Hub epitomizes our commitment to driving progress in the agriculture sector,” said Expo Director Tom Junge. “It serves as a launchpad for visionary ideas, groundbreaking products, and entrepreneurs.”

The Innovation Hub sets itself apart by providing an inviting and captivating environment for exhibitors and visitors alike. Featuring bright carpeting, elegant white drapery, a giant video wall, expanded lighting, and exceptional exhibitor displays, the hub creates a perfect stage for companies to showcase their game-changing technologies and solutions.

The following companies will exhibit in the 2023 Innovation Hub:

  • 701X
  • Aeroseeder
  • AgriBrink
  • Agri Spray Drones
  • American Edge Grain
  • Arva Intelligence
  • Autonomous Pivot
  • Azotic Technologies
  • BinMaster
  • Biosphere Drone Solutions
  • Bushel
  • Cattler Corporation
  • CNH Industrial
  • CropScan Ag
  • CropX
  • DPH Biologicals
  • Edney Distributing Company
  • EvenMix
  • Farm-ng
  • FarmHQ
  • Farmmee
  • FBN
  • Flox
  • FMC Corporation
  • Go Farm Yourself
  • Haber Technologies
  • Holganix
  • Hydraball
  • Idem Irrigation
  • KL Technologies
  • MagrowTec
  • Maverick Drone
  • Meristem
  • Modern Ag
  • Nave Analytics
  • neatMon
  • Nitricity
  • Pegasus Robotics
  • Pivot Bio
  • Price Bros. Equipment
  • Quest Products Corporation
  • RcFarmArm
  • RealmFive
  • ReEnvision Ag
  • Sentinel Fertigation
  • Shark Wheel Agriculture
  • Solectrac
  • Sound Agriculture
  • StoneX Financial
  • Susterre Technologies
  • Traction Ag
  • Trader PhD Ag Marketing
  • Trinity BioChem
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln MAARS Lab
  • Vermeer Corporation
  • Wandering Shepherd

To qualify for participation in the Innovation Hub, companies are required to meet certain criteria:

  • New and Innovative Products: All products showcased in the Innovation Hub must be genuinely new and represent a significant advancement in the industry. Merely revised or upgraded versions of existing products do not qualify.
  • Selective Application Process: Companies are meticulously chosen through a comprehensive application process, with a focus on start-ups, entrepreneurs, and major manufacturers actively pushing the boundaries of agricultural technology.
  • Opportunity for Return Exhibitors: Past participants of the Innovation Hub are encouraged to re-apply, reinforcing the event’s commitment to fostering enduring relationships with the most innovative companies.

“Through the Innovation Hub, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem that brings together innovators, growers, and prospective stakeholders, fostering collaborations that shape the future of agriculture,” Junge added.

The Nebraska Ag Expo recognizes that innovation is not limited to the confines of the Innovation Hub. As such, companies that may not meet the specific criteria are encouraged to exhibit through the general booth application process, providing an inclusive platform for all ag-related businesses to participate.

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About the Nebraska Ag Expo

The Nebraska Ag Expo is December 5-7, 2023 at the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln, NE. Hours are 8:30am-4:00pm Tuesday and Wednesday and 8:30am-3:00pm Thursday. Regular admission is $10 at the door, and visitors can purchase tickets online in advance to save $5 per ticket. Children under 14 years old as well as students are free with a valid student ID (high school or college). The Nebraska Ag Expo is owned and managed by the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association (INEDA).

The show is sponsored by: Diamond Sponsors – Farm Credit Services of America and AgDirect; Platinum Sponsor – Nebraska Farm Bureau; Gold Sponsors – Stine Seed Company and Sukup Manufacturing; Silver Sponsor and Official Truck Sponsor of the 2023 Nebraska Ag Expo – Midwest Ford Dealers; Silver Sponsor – Sound Agriculture; and Media Sponsors – Midwest Messenger and Rural Radio Network.


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