ExpoEDU Speakers at the Nebraska Ag Expo in Lincoln, NE December 5-7, 2023

During your visit to the Nebraska Ag Expo, dive deeper into your favorite ag topics with ExpoEDU educational presentations. The speaker sessions will take place at the ExpoEDU stage in Pavilion 3 of the Lancaster Event Center. ExpoEDU sessions are included with admission to the Nebraska Ag Expo.

Formerly referred to as “seminars,” these educational sessions were rebranded to ExpoEDU in 2022. The 2022 lineup of speakers covers topics like autonomous equipment and robotics, regenerative agriculture, precision ranching, commodity market, and organic farming. Each speaker is a leading expert in their respective field.

“The larger than life ExpoEDU stage area brings the presentations out of the closed-door seminar rooms and out in the open where folks eating lunch can listen to ag experts talk about their specialties,” said Marketing Director Cindy Feldman.

The 2023 ExpoEDU speaker lineup will be announced this fall.

2022 ExpoEDU Presentations

Did you miss any of the ExpoEDU presentations at the 2022 Nebraska Ag Expo? No worries! We recorded each session, and you can watch them below or on our YouTube channel. Keep an eye on this page or Facebook for the 2023 ExpoEDU speakers announcement.

What To Expect From the 2023 Farm Bill

Presented by: Mike Johanns, USDA Secretary of Agriculture (2005-2007)

Farm Bills are a unique opportunity for our nation to work together to address the short- and long-term needs facing American agriculture. Hear a unique perspective on what the next Farm Bill must focus on to move American agriculture forward from someone who has administered, proposed, and passed three different Farm Bills.

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Harnessing Soil Health To Unlock Nutrients and Increase Profitability

Presented by: Rebecca Helget and John Parrish, Sound Agriculture

With high input prices continuing, growers have to find new solutions to maintain profitability. Luckily, many of the nutrients you need are already in your soil waiting to be unlocked and utilized by your plants. With the right combination of technology and practices, and through a deeper understanding of the soil microbiome, growers can get nutrients to their plants when they are needed most without breaking the bank. Join the Sound Agriculture team to learn how you can harness your soil to take advantage of the nutrients in your field.

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Carbon Opportunities for Cattle Producers

Presented by: Del Ficke, Graze Master Founder and Agoro Carbon Channel Partner, Agoro Carbon Alliance

Are you a rancher interested in carbon opportunities? In this session, you will learn about how cattle producers can be rewarded for sustainable practice changes like adding biodiversity, nitrogen management, and grazing management.

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How To Overcome Obstacles and Be Successful at Organic Farming

Panelists: Trevor Fehr, MJF Farms; Tom Schwarz, Farmer; Mike Sides, Clear Frontier Ag

Farmers share their experiences as large-scale organic row crop growers. What are the challenges of organic farming and how do these farmers overcome them?  What does future technology offer to assist organic farmers?

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What Autonomous Machines Bring to the Future of Farming

Panelists: Dave Krog, Salin 247; Troy Fiechter, Rogo Ag; Craig Rupp, Sabanto Ag; Brent Shedd, Stout Ag

Increasing input costs and labor availability are placing enormous pressure on producers. Can autonomous machines and robotics offer a path to advancing agriculture’s economic future? Can autonomy change the landscape of equipment needs? What are the real advantages of autonomy?

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What is Driving the Commodity Market Today and What Should Producers Be Watching Moving Forward?

Panelists: Doug Simon, Tredas; Jeff Peterson, Heartland Financial Partners; Marc Currie, FuturesOne

Listen to a panel of local commodity experts on what is driving the commodity market today and if those same drivers will be in the forefront this upcoming year? What other factors or reports should producers be monitoring? How do producers manage volatility of the market?

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Precision Ranching Is Here!

Panelists: Jack Keating, Corral Technologies; Max Cossette, 701X; Dr. Yijie Xiong, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Two start-up companies and Dr. Yijie Xiong, precision livestock management specialist in Department of Animal Science at UNL, share how they want to bring technology to ranching. Dr. Xiong is an agricultural engineer and has a rich set of experience working with a number of precision ag products with cattle management research, including some recent work with using virtual fence and IoT-GPS sensors for cattle tracking on extensive rangelands.

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What Is Regenerative Ag and How To Implement the 5 Soil Principles?

Panelists: Clint Brauer, Greenfield Robotics; Brad Schmidt, Regeneration Nation; Adele Durfey, Clear Frontier Ag

There is common misconception between organic and regenerative agriculture. They are similar… but different. Regenerative ag is a systems-approach to farming based around the five principles of soil health. Explore the future of agricultural prosperity through healthy soil, water management, crop diversity, livestock integration, and more. Learn how to implement these practices from successful adopters.

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Straight Talk About Carbon

Presented by: Larry Hafer, National Sales Director, Agoro Carbon Alliance

The ag carbon market is growing every day, and with this rapid growth comes confusion and questions from producers about whether they will see a benefit for their operation. Learn about common misconceptions about carbon, benefits and costs associated with these practices, and questions to ask before proceeding with a carbon company.

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Rare Triple Dip La Niña Expected

Presented by: Taylor Nicolaisen, Meteoroligist, National Weather Service (Omaha)

The weather was not kind to Iowa and Nebraska farmers over the past year while mostly La Niña conditions prevailed. Another La Niña is expected next year, but that does not necessarily mean a repeat of winter 2021-2022. Meteorologist Taylor Nicolaisen will discuss the latest long range outlook and La Niña’s possible influence on moisture and temperatures in the mid-Missouri River Valley this winter.

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Soil Health Assessment Solutions

Presented by: Samuel Fournier, Co-Founder & CEO, ChrysaLabs

Being in the soil health industry, ChrysaLabs’ discussion will revolve around access to good and reliable data and soil health assessment solutions helping growers and agronomists make faster, better decisions to increase growth (through yields or reduced input costs) and kick sustainability in higher gear.

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Saving the Family Farm: Farm Succession Planning, Estate Planning, Investments, and Insurance

Presented by: Dana Troske, Mutual of Omaha; Jerrod Gregg, Farm Saver Estate Planning

Mutual of Omaha and Farm Saver Estate Planning have been assisting farm clients with their succession planning for many years. They understand the unique concerns that farm families have when it comes to maintaining the integrity of the family operation, protecting the family members involved in production, and yet, being fair to other family members.

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