Innovation Hub is the newest initiative by the Nebraska Ag Expo to bring the most cutting-edge innovations in agriculture to the heart of the Midwest. This technology hub covers a vast area of Pavilion 3 in the Lancaster Event Center, turning the area into a modern agricultural wonderland.

The inaugural 2022 Innovation Hub showcased 51 exhibitors, including entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and major manufacturers. From autonomous equipment to robotics to regenerative ag, these companies are transforming agriculture as we know it.

Interested in applying to be in the 2023 Innovation Hub? Fill out an online application to be considered. Scroll down to see which companies participated in the Innovation Hub last year.

2022 Innovation Hub Participants


The 701x® cattle management solution is specially designed for ranchers who are looking for more efficient ways to manage their records and track their cattle. The 701x software application allows ranchers to easily record, access, and secure all of their cattle records in one central location.

Ag Leader Technology

RightSpot is very precise at applying the right rate and pressure desired across varying speeds and field terrain. RightSpot maximizes the effectiveness of inputs with the right droplet size and coverage to give the crop what it needs while minimizing wasted product and time.

Agoro Carbon Alliance

Agoro Carbon™ is addressing the global climate challenge by inspiring and empowering farmers to sequester carbon in their soils with carbon credit incentives, agronomic expertise and technology. They bring together farmers, ranchers, agronomists, and businesses to form a market-leading, collaborative alliance for ag-based carbon removals.

Arva Intelligence

Arva Intelligence seamlessly connects growers, through their advisors and suppliers, to buyers in the growing environmental markets, for real sustainability and carbon impact. Our agronomic AI delivers the most highly-verified credits to buyers and puts grower profits first—maximizing land values today and well into the future.


ChrysaLabs believes that precision agriculture starts with fast and precise soil mapping. They have developed a portable probe that can measure in real-time soil nutrients and soil health, giving all needed information within seconds to producers and agronomists, with the same exact accuracy of a laboratory.

CropScan Ag

N-GAUGE is a new app that creates accurate and reliable Variable Rate Nitrogen Fertilizer prescriptions. N-GAUGE uses the Protein, Moisture and Oil data from the CropScan 3300H, the combine’s yield data and our proprietary algorithms to create VRF prescriptions which are sent directly to the spreader or sprayer.

Faresin Industries

Faresin Industries has developed the Faresin 6.26 Full Electric Telehandler which has the same framework as the telescopic handler 6.26 without the noise of an engine! The fact that it has zero CO2 emissions allows for it to be used even in closed environments.


Farmwave’s harvest vision system can eliminate the need for stopping the combine to count harvest loss by hand. Their software uses cameras mounted on the header and the rear of the combine to detect harvest losses over 140 times per acre.

Garford Farm Machinery

Garford Farm Machinery’s Robocrop InRow Weeder has a camera that identifies the individual plants and controls a weeding rotor to take out the weeds not only between the rows, but also between the plants. It can weed up to 98.5% of the total soil surface area, which means that no other weeding is necessary.

Haber Technologies

Haber Technologies combines mechanical solutions with modern technology to solve common drying problems. The DRI-Stack® system cuts energy costs by 50%, reduces drying time to days, and can be monitored from anywhere, providing complete control of your drying operations.


METOS® monitoring systems are affordable, durable, and accurate instrumentation that provide decision making support for agricultural markets to aid in irrigation scheduling, water conservation, plant protection, insect, environmental monitoring and many others.

Modern Ag

Much like sensors, autonomous tractors allow a farmer to move freely while maintaining seeding, soil, and crops. Trimble’s autonomy platform enables advanced positioning in any environment. An autonomous tractor will spread fertilizer and seeds to the areas that need them most based on sensor data or farmer input.

Pattern Ag

Pattern Ag is a soil analytics company that reads the DNA in your soil to deliver predictive analytics for some of the most damaging pests and pathogens (i.e. corn rootworm, soybean cyst nematode, sudden death syndrome, fusarium, white mold, soybean stem canker, etc.).

Plains Technologies

Plains Technologies is developing farmer friendly robotic solutions that can provide value to farms of all sizes. Their first product is a 60 hp multi-purpose robotic machine that can plant cash crops and with minor modifications can be used to drill cover-crops.


ROGO has developed a fleet of robots that sample soil at consistent depth and with location repeatability. Having been proven on over 2.5 million cores spanning across nearly 1,000,000 acres and 15 states, ROGO’s system is rapidly becoming the standard in the industry. This is paired with total accountability: every core’s depth and location recorded and every bag has a barcode, to make sure that every sample that leaves the field is traceable and error-free.

Salin 247

Startup company Salin 247 is testing the prototype of its autonomous, electric 4-row planter. The Iowa-based company is building a platform for small, lightweight, electric-powered, autonomous crop production machines and providing a range of services related to the operation of these machines.


The Soiltech Wireless Sensor was founded with the mission to help farmers improve crop production by providing real-time insights through wireless monitoring. The Soiltech solution has evolved into a multifunctional device with features that provide value across the entire crop production cycle (growth, harvest, transport, storage).

Stout Industrial Technology

Stout is an AI company helping growers automate labor-intensive field work like weeding. Founded in 2019, Stout sold its first Smart Cultivator in 2020 and now has machines with thousands of hours on them. Each machine can cultivate 1-2 acres per hour with one tractor operator.


Vermeer’s bale mover concept, nicknamed “Bale Hawk,” will travel around the field autonomously via onboard sensors to locate bales, pick them up, and move them to a predetermined location.


Acres is an advanced land analysis platform that provides access to comprehensive data for 150 million U.S. parcels, local insights and comparable sales. With 10+ layers of insights, users can quickly and confidently analyze, save, customize and share maps to maximize the value of their property or make more informed purchasing decisions.

Agri Spray Drones

Agri Spray Drones helps producers and landowners utilize unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) in liquid and granular application for various types of agricultural production and land management. Agri Spray Drones specializes in the latest sprayer drone technology with tested products and efficient processes.


The SIMPAS® application system and SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ (SAS™) are the next evolution in prescriptive application, using agronomic analyses from a variety of data sources to develop prescriptions that are precisely and variably applied in-furrow at planting. The SIMPAS system also utilizes patented hardware and an intuitive ISO-based user interface to create a closed delivery system that maximizes ROI and improves sustainability.


BinMaster designs and manufactures reliable, solid-state point and continuous bin level indicators, control systems, and sensoring devices used while storing powders and bulk solids. Measure silo levels, monitor inventory in tanks, and perform grain bin measurement using cloud inventory with BinMaster.

Corral Technologies

Corral’s Virtual Fencing System allows ranchers to remotely confine, move, and track cattle from their phone, computer, or tablet. Using Corral’s Virtual Fencing System, ranchers can increase the number of cattle they can carry per acre while reducing labor, material, and time requirements.


Optimize and automize farm management using the world’s most scalable platform to integrate data from both above and below ground. An easy-to-use dashboard accessed via a mobile and desktop app delivers advice that integrates data from soil sensors, satellites, crop models and field properties.

Farm Credit Services of America

Farm Credit Services of America is a leading provider of credit and insurance services to farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses and rural residents in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. In everything they do, Farm Credit Services of America works to become agriculture’s most valued financial partner. As a member of the Farm Credit System, their mission is to provide sound and dependable credit to America’s farmers, ranchers, cooperatives, rural residents, and agribusinesses.

Field Pocket

Field Pocket is a harvest solution software that organizes, manages, and links all harvest paperwork in one easy to use platform. Simply upload photos of documents, and the data will be transcribed and linked automatically. Create customizable reports, find lost loads, and know payment is received on all bushels.

Grain Weevil

Grain Weevil’s BinAssist technology utilizes a grain bin safety and management robot to map, measure, and manipulate grain from start to finish in the post-harvest storage process. By doing the work that no farmer should, Grain Weevil is revolutionizing post-harvest grain storage by protecting you and your profits.

Locus Agricultural Solutions

Locus AG soil solutions serve as a regenerative agriculture practice change, making their use applicable to generate carbon credits. Farmers can reap the benefit of a new revenue stream through Locus AG’s globally recognized CarbonNOW carbon farming program—which offers upfront payments, guaranteed minimums, performance bonuses, no program fees and broad eligibility.

Midwest Ford Dealers

Turn the volume up on the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning’s audio system and you might well miss that this pickup truck is powered by electricity.

Naïo Technologies

Founded in 2011, Naïo Technologies develops, manufactures and markets autonomous robots for agriculture in close collaboration with farmers. These solutions tackle farm worker shortage, reduce the strenuous physical workload and limit the use of chemical weed killers.

Pivot Bio

Pivot Bio has transformed the way fertilizer is produced and used by the world’s farmers. From their environmentally sound fermentation production process to their zero waste and zero footprint, Pivot Bio’s microbes offer farmers a more efficient and sustainable nitrogen to fuel their crops.

RealmFive Agriculture

Imagine being able to see every connected device, all in one place. Irrigation status, equipment, livestock barns, soil moisture, and more. Not someday. Today. It’s the RealmFive View. The RealmFive View gives you control over all of your data in one unified, user-friendly interface, to give you the information necessary to drive intelligent decisions.

Sabanto Ag

Sabanto Ag is a full-stack autonomous field operation provider, having tilled, drilled, field cultivated, planted, tine weeded, rotary hoed, cultivated, mowed, and applied. Sabanto Ag has built a completely integrated autonomous platform for row-crop and broadacre agriculture, able to create, deploy, monitor, collect, and report through our mission control software.

Sentinel Fertigation

N-Time Fertigation Management System (N-Time) is a software platform designed for farmers and agronomic advisor end-users that leverages agronomic, environmental, and image data to optimize in-season fertilizer applications for real-time crop nitrogen needs and facilitate fertilizer application operations with an emphasis on fertigation.

Sound Ag

SOURCE® by Sound Ag is the only fertilizer replacement product that activates both nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubilizing microbes to provide sustainable nutrition at the root zone when crops need it the most.


The world’s first agriculture tire tread depth app that could save you thousands on evaluation. TreadSure®, powered by Dawson Tire & Wheel, compiles agricultural data from dozens of popular tire and track manufacturers and puts them all into one easy-to-use app conveniently found on your phone.