Over the last two years, many producers have asked us where to find companies that support organic growers. We are happy to announce a new organic farming section at the 2022 Nebraska Ag Expo!

In the organic section in Pavilion 3, you will find the latest weed control technology using flames and the largest selection of organic cultivating equipment in the Midwest. You will also find companies that promote organic fertilizer, micronutrients, biological seed treatments, biocontrol of pests, and non-GMO seed.

We hope you’ll stop by and check out the new organic farming section right next to the NEW Innovation Hub in Pavilion 3! Mark your calendar and register online to save $5 on admission!

Although many exhibitors have products for organic farming, these 17 exhibitors chose to be in the inaugural organic and regenerative ag section of the Nebraska Ag Expo:

  • Agrauxine
  • Agricultural Flaming Innovations
  • AgroPlantae
  • Brandt
  • Clear Frontier Ag
  • Einböck Tillage
  • Flame Engineering
  • Garford Farm Machinery
  • Global Processing Services
  • Hatzenbichler Agro Technik
  • Heads Up Plant Protectant
  • Nature Safe
  • Natures Formula
  • Regeneration Nation
  • Stout Industrial Technology
  • Treffler Organic Machinery
  • Row Shaver Systems